August 9, 2023

A big Welcome to HMCTS at Insights23

Nic Bellamy
Head of Insights Engagement
HM Prison and Probation Service

This year, we are excited to welcome HMCTS colleagues to the Insights Festival, showcasing some of the work being done across the Courts and Tribunals Service and giving Festival attendees behind the scenes access to some of the most important and interesting parts of the Criminal Justice System.

Events organised by colleagues in HMCTS include:

We encourage all our colleagues in HMCTS to browse this year’s schedule of over 350 events and sign-up for as many opportunities as they can get to, covering all areas of the Criminal Justice System over the two-week festival.

Nick Goodwin, CEO HMCTS had this to say about the Festival: “I am delighted that HM Courts & Tribunals Service are taking part in Insights23 this year. Not only is it a great opportunity for HMCTS colleagues to share knowledge with our justice partners – celebrating and showcasing our work whilst highlighting the many different roles across the whole organisation - but it also allows us to connect, discover and learn more about innovation across the wider Criminal Justice System.”

If you would like to see how HMPPS works with HMCTS on the ground, why not shadow a Court Duty Officer at Derby Justice Centre?

Head over to the Festival events page to browse and book Insights Festival event places.

In the meantime, take a look at what is involved in a ‘day in the life’ of a Circuit Judge, District Judge and Tribunal Member:

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