July 9, 2020

Co-Production and People-Centred Practice - Why it's Important and How to Do it!

Noreen Blanluet
Co-production Network for Wales

On 29th June, I hosted an Insights event on co-production, involvement and people-centred practice. For those of you who could not attend, I am sharing some resources which you will hopefully find useful.

During the event, we talked about the wider policy, economic and social context for this work, and a bit about complexity theory since it is relevant - in terms of making choices about when to gather people and co-produce, and when not to and call in the experts instead.

Then we dived into the conceptual framework: the definition of co-production and the 5 principles that underpin this work, and where it fits in with all the others kinds of interactions between citizens and professionals like participation, engagement and consultations.

Finally we unpacked a few case studies and touched on the practical tools and methods for co-production, including doing robust evidence! It was a bit of a whistle-stop tour and I could easily talk all day about all of this... but take a look at the slides for a glimpse of this introductory summary, and do check out the Network resources and information which are free and online here: https://copronet.wales

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