November 10, 2023

(EVENT RECORDING) Better Outcomes for Children – Resettlement and Reducing Reoffending in the Youth Custody Service

Event Recordings

'Reducing reoffending' is a simple saying but complex challenge. Watch this online event recording to hear how the YCS is developing practice to improve outcomes for children leading up to and after their release.

From resettlement passports that help children take control of their information, the success stories that comes from release on temporary licences, to how they are introducing the theory and principles of Constructive Resettlement into everyday work for it to become knowledge and standard practice.

The YCS’s Resettlement and Reducing Reoffending team take attendees through all aspects of their work with children and young people at this most crucial point in their rehabilitative journey.

This recording is for HMPPS staff who would like:

• to see how the YCS delivers positive outcomes for children and young people as they transition into their communities

• a clear understanding of how Constructive Resettlement is adopted in the youth estate

• better knowledge of how and why the youth justice system works differently to the adult estate

Please select subtitles/closed captions when viewing if required.

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