November 24, 2023

(EVENT RECORDING) Community Campus: Improving Education Opportunities in Community Payback

Event Recordings

A recorded event presenting the Probation Service's commissioned e-learning platform. 'Community Campus' is an electronic portal that enables people who have an Unpaid Work order issued by the court to access electronic educational and vocational learning. It is a standalone product i.e., it will not link with the Probation Case Management Systems so there is no dependency on other systems or software. Community Campus enables regions to continue to deliver through COVID-19 recovery, poor weather conditions that impact on group delivery, staff sickness or where capacity is impacted by an inability to recruit staff in a buoyant recruitment environment.

The platform also provides anonymous data and analytics which is utilised to review live service delivery and inform and improve future delivery.

Viewers will gain an insight into the benefits to People on Probation of completing e-learning relating to their UPW order and for those seeking to gain employment or improve employment opportunities.

Viewers will learn about the quality service being delivered and at scale and where it differs from other e-learning platforms. The presentation gives an insight into how the analytical data that Community Campus gathers will inform future activity and drive inspirational future aims.

Co-hosted with a representative from the platform developer and host, Meganexus.

Please select subtitles/closed captions when viewing if required.

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