August 12, 2022

(EVENT RECORDING) Georgia Barnett, HMPPS Evidence Based Practice Team: Making Fair and Effective Decisions. How Do We “De Bias” Decision Making?

Event Recordings

Hosted by Georgia Barnett, a psychologist and researcher in the HMPPS Evidence Based Practice Team, Insights Group.

Human beings have evolved to make quick, efficient decisions. We have to take mental short cuts or fill in the gaps left by missing or incomplete information. Most of the time this works well, helping us to make sense of our complex environment and decide on a course of action quickly.

However, despite our intentions to be fair and consistent, sometimes this can lead to disproportionately bad outcomes for people in social groups that differ to our own.

This session:

-introduces some of the biases that are most likely to affect the decisions we make in our work in HMPPS -explores how we make decisions, factors that affect our vulnerability to bias, and what we can do about this, and

-highlights evidence-based strategies that reduce the impact of bias on our judgements.

Please select subtitles/closed captions when viewing if required.

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