November 21, 2023

(EVENT RECORDING) Meeting the Needs of Autistic Adults and Adults with Learning Disabilities

Event Recordings

Presented by a team, led by Dr Niko Kargas, Director of the Autism Research and Innovation Centre at the University of Lincoln, this online recording shares findings from an NHS commissioned review of how prisons and prison healthcare in the Midlands are meeting the needs of autistic adults and adults with learning disabilities.

The review including staff questionnaires and input from 93 prisoners across 24 different prisons, highlights:

  • what is working well
  • what is not working well, and
  • what needs to happen in the future to provide improved support

Staff across prisons, including HMPPS staff and partner agencies, can gain knowledge about

  • how to best support people
  • examples of good practice, and
  • key recommendations for improvement

Please select subtitles/closed captions when viewing if required.

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