November 10, 2023

(EVENT RECORDING) Recall, Recovery and Re-Release: Understanding the Process and Trauma of Recall

Event Recordings

Hosted by Dorset HealthCare University Foundation NHS Trust.

Recall is increasing year on year and the vast majority of recalls are due to issues of non-compliance with licence conditions rather than further offending.

Recall is associated with reduced hope and disruption to personal and professional relationships.

This online workshop presented by Dr Jo Shingler, Principal Forensic Psychologist, and Jennifer Stickney, Advanced Occupational Therapy Practitioner, (Dorset IIRMS – Intensive Intervention Risk management Service) will, through personal accounts:

• highlight how recall can undermine rehabilitation and resettlement efforts, and

• discuss innovative clinical efforts to support people post recall and towards re-release

This recording will be of particular interest to probation and prison practitioners working with people:

• who have served long sentences, preparing for release in prison

• in the community to support resettlement

• who are screened into the Offender Personality Disorder pathway,

• received into custody people immediately post-recall, and

• to prepare for re-release

Please select subtitles/closed captions when viewing if required.

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