July 11, 2022

(EVENT RECORDING) Sarah Henfrey (HMPPS)with the joint Europris and CEP Domestic Violence Expert Group: A European Perspective on Domestic Abuse.

Event Recordings

The joint Europris and Confederation of European Probation Domestic Violence Expert Group host a fascinating series of presentations and a discussion about domestic violence approaches across Europe.

The workshop features presentations and a Q&A session with panellists:

An introduction to the expert group- Sarah Henfrey (Insights Lead for behaviour change projects and open, learning culture, HMPPS) Investing in prevention and early intervention.

Domestic Abuse approaches with alleged perpetrators- Geraldine O’Hare (Director of Rehabilitation, Probation Board for Northern Ireland).

The added value of a multi-agency approach in Domestic Violence cases- Sabrina Reggers (Coordinator at the Family Justice Centre, Limburg: Belgium)

What we have learned so far about programmes for violent offenders- Vaclav Jiricka (Head Psychologist, Prison Service of the Czech Republic).

Working with Domestic Abuse: Victim considerations- Carmel Donnelly (Regional Manager, Probation Service in Ireland).

Please be aware of the sensitive nature of some of the content.

Please select subtitles/closed captions when viewing if required.

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