July 28, 2023

Festival in focus - What is Insights23 and what’s in it for me? 

Michelle Jarman-Howe
Chief Operating Officer for Prisons

Chief Operating Officer for Prisons, Michelle Jarman-Howe tells us about Insights23 and highlights just a selection of events on offer to support staff working in our prisons.

Maybe you’ve heard about the HMPPS Insights festival but not sure what it’s all about? Insights23 is a festival of learning led by peers, where our staff and partners generously contribute their time, resources, and professional networks to bring you exclusive and exciting opportunities. Whether you're in England, Wales or want to attend online, we've got something for you happening during the festival which runs from Monday September 25th to Friday October 6th

There are lots of different events on offer during the festival, whether it’s developing skills relating to prison roles or an opportunity to do something completely different within the Criminal Justice System.  Here are a few examples which might resonate with you; 

Do you, are you, have you? 

  • Work with young adults and want to hear the latest thinking about what works and different perspectives? 
  • Interested in crime and corruption in prisons or efforts to tackle serious organised crime? 
  • Heard about HMPPS’s plans for transforming delivery in prisons and professionalising the workforce and not sure what it means?  
  • Keen to hear the latest research and evidence about autism, learning difficulties and neurodiversity in prison? 
  • Work in a women’s prison and want to get involved in a discussion about safety, trauma and women’s health? 
  • Interested in how digital technology is being used in prisons, digital rehabilitation outcomes and in-cell technology? 
  • Not really sure what probation do in the community and want to know more? 
  • Seen the Royal Courts of Justice on the TV but would like to have a look round and see what goes on? 

Much more on offer 

Above is just a small selection of over 350 events on offer for this years’ festival and they are all free to attend. Why not take a look at the website - you can see what’s on in your region or search by theme. 

Events are a mix of face to face and online but you need a ticket to attend.  Most events are first come, first served so take a look now and get your ticket before they go. If you'd like a chance to attend one of our exclusive 'VIP' events, simply register your details by August 23rd, 2023. We will conduct a random draw on September 1st to determine the lucky recipients. 

Still not sure? 

How about talking to those at the top making the decisions and share your thoughts? 

Invite Phil Copple, Director General Operations to come to your site or office, see the work you do and have an open conversation. Or you could shadow me on a site visit to an establishment. How about being part of a small group to meet our CEO, Amy Rees? You can even apply to go Inside No 10 Downing Street. 

Please do take a look now and join us at the Insights Festival 2023 and be part of an enriching and inspiring experience that celebrates our work across the Criminal Justice System. I look forward to seeing you there!

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