October 2, 2020

How Can We Make Insights Bigger and Better?

Nic Bellamy
Head of Insights Engagement
Insights Group, HMPPS

Following the devastating but necessary cancellation of the Insights20 Festival in May due to COVID-19, we knew that we wanted to continue to offer opportunities for people to connect across the Criminal Justice System, as this was needed now more than ever.

The response to InsightsOnline has been so great and has made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but we know there is so much potential to make this resource even bigger and better!

Our aim is to help people who work in the CJS, from big organisations like HMPPS and MOJ, to small, local charities, come together to learn, share ideas, build relationships, and celebrate success. We have a range of free virtual events taking place throughout the year, as well as some brilliant (and often funny) guest blogs, as well as videos and resources. We are incredibly grateful to our hosts and guests who have given up their valuable time for free to bring these gifts to you.

However, providing this service has not been without its challenges. We know that some of you have trouble accessing virtual events and resources due to IT restrictions at work (we are particularly looking at prison colleagues here, some of whom I have seen dial into events from their cars outside the prison gates!). We are also not convinced that we have our communication strategy quite right and would like improve this so we can worm our way into every corner and crevice of the CJS!

We would really value your thoughts and ideas on how we can improve this service. Please complete this short survey before 16th October and help us to help you!

Insights survey

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