October 12, 2021

Insights22 - What Would You Do?

Nic Bellamy
Head of Engagement
Insights Group, HMPPS

After the bitter disappointment of the cancellation of Insights20 due to the pandemic, the Insights Festival is back for 2022!!!

Insights22 will be taking place 9-20th May 2022 and will offer staff across the Criminal Justice System a range of exciting free opportunities to learn, share, connect and celebrate.

We want to bring you some exclusive VIP learning opportunities that you wouldn't normally get to experience through the usual L&D offer. So, what would make a really special event or experience for you? Is there a part of the Criminal Justice System that you'd love to find out more about? Is there an individual or team you'd like to shadow? Is there an academic you'd love to have a chat with?

We can't promise we can make it happen but we'll give it a really good try! Let us know your ideas by clicking below!

I have a great idea for Insights22!

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