November 24, 2023

(EVENT RECORDING) Supporting Young Adults with Experience of Care and Custody: The Always Hope approach

Event Recordings

Since November 2021, Always Hope has been piloting a new support offer to young men (aged 18 to 25) from Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Coventry with care leaver status in HMP Brinsford and HMP Swinfen Hall. The aim was to provide consistent, integrated support in prison and on release to increase their chances of rehabilitation and create a positive future.

In this recording they bring together practitioners from across the West Midlands - from prison, probation and local authority leaving care teams - who share their experience using the Always Hope processes to work together with one particular young person. You will hear how the approach helped support change and working styles as a result of using the Integrated Planning and Assessment protocols from the pilot.

They are joined by a young person who has benefitted from the support of Always Hope, and the Innovation Unit on how they developed and delivered the project, and what is next for Always Hope.

Please select subtitles/closed captions when viewing if required.

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