May 20, 2020

The Start of a Beautiful Relationship!

Nic Bellamy
Senior Manager (Insights Team)

In addition to hosting our own InsightsOnline events over the coming months, we are also delighted to be partnering up with the Academy for Social Justice to bring you some co-hosted events.

Stay tuned to book tickets to discuss Probation reform with Chief Inspector, Justin Russell, or learn how we can work together to respond to modern slavery and online child sexual offending.

In the meantime, tickets are now available for the following event:

A story of Crime and Justice: How to Engage Effectively with the Media

The media landscape is constantly changing. However the narratives in the media typically hinge around ‘soft’ and ‘tough’ justice.

In this free online seminar Kieran McCartan, Professor of Criminology will be in conversation with Penelope Gibbs of Transform Justice and former BBC journalist Philippa Budgen about how the public conversation around crime and justice can be reframed and more nuanced.

Transform Justice recently published ground-breaking research which showed the need for charities, academics and campaigners to use different language and techniques to inspire more nuanced attitudes about responses to crime.

Philippa Budgen, a journalist for 15 years, now independent consultant, is working with social justice charities, lawyers and NGOs to help raise media and public awareness of often demonised and polarised issues and people. She will offer practical advice about what works and what doesn’t work in dealing with the media.

Tickets are available here

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