August 19, 2021

VIDEO: A Personal Journey through the Criminal Justice System

Gethin Jones
Unlocking Potential

In this Probation Day video we hear from Gethin Jones, who tells his inspirational story from a life in care and prison to becoming a businessman and entrepreneur.

Gethin spent much of his early life in care and custody, and in this short inspirational film describes how probation staff helped him change.

Gethin now has a company called Unlocking Potential and he works within prisons and probation to improve services.

His main objective is to find solutions on how staff can better support people in prison and on probation to achieve successful outcomes, focussing on humanity and kindness.

Gethin delivers his services through keynote talks, workshops, training, eLearning, and consultancy packages. For more information visit Unlocking the Potential – Gethin Jones.

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