About HMPPS Insights

HMPPS Insights is brought to you by the Insights Group, which is part of the Strategy, Planning and Performance Directorate at HM Prison & Probation Service.
Gill Attrill

Gill Attrill

Deputy Director, Insights Group
Led by Deputy Director Gill Attrill, Insights Group supports system wide learning, drawing on data, evidence, information and experience, building on what we already know and helping to fill the gaps. We enable HMPPS and partners to access, share and apply insight from multiple sources and perspectives.

We are creating better channels for hearing peoples’ views, building opportunities to collaborate and develop an open, learning culture.

A key element of our role is helping the organisation to apply evidence and insights in practice. This could be about the way we work with people in prison and probation, supporting staff or the work of national teams, the delivery of contract managed services, incident response, or making decisions around resource and prioritisation.

We help people learn from their successes and what has not worked well, helping us identify good practice inside and outside of HMPPS.
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